YubiKit Changelog

1.1.1 [1.1.0 -> 1.1.1]

This is a minor update which adds support for a new default URI format when reading the OTP over NFC. This update is required to allow the applications to support future YubiKey firmware revisions.

The new supported format of the URL is: https://my.yubico.com/yk/#otp

1.1.0 [1.0.0 -> 1.1.0]

This version has a few improvements on the NFC APIs and to the demo application:

  • The check for NFC capabilities does a pre-check for devices with NFC chip or newer devices before interrogating the OS for the NFC capabilities to avoid a very rare CoreNFC crash on devices which do not have a NFC reader.

  • The OTP token interface was updated and the payload property was removed because it can be inferred from the other properties of the token and it’s not essential in the context of YubiKit.

  • The uri and text properties from the YKFOTPToken provide now the full parsed URI/Text from the device (including the prepended protocol for URIs).

  • The demo application has a few UI updates and fixes a few layout issues on small screen devices (iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE)

  • The demo application can now run on iOS 10.

1.0.0 [1.0.0 RC2 -> 1.0.0]

This version does a few changes to the library interface. The provided interface should provide from now on a final API for capabilities check, NFC and QR code scanning:

  • Renamed the YKFDeviceCapabilities as YubiKitDeviceCapabilities, as the capabilities type becomes a top level library interface object, on par with YubiKitManager, YubiKitConfiguration and YubiKitExternalLocalization.

  • The capabilities change allows a direct check without retrieving them from the shared instance of the YubiKitManager as in RC2: YubiKitDeviceCapabilities.supportsNFCScanning and YubiKitDeviceCapabilities.supportsQRCodeScanning. For a complete example read the documentation (README.md file) for v1.0.0 and consult the code of the demo application.

  • The YubiKitManager type provides from now several types of sessions, each one of them being responsible to only one type of communication. This change allows for future extensibility and consistency of the APIs without transforming YubiKitManager into a mixed responsibility type, responsible for various types of requests. v1.0.0 provides two sessions: nfcReaderSession and qrReaderSession. The previous calls on the managers are now part of these sessions so YubiKitManager.shared.[method] becomes YubiKitManager.shared.[nfcReaderSession/qrReaderSession].[method]. For a complete example read the documentation (README.md file) for v1.0.0 and consult the code of the demo application.

1.0.0 RC2 [1.0.0 RC1 -> 1.0.0 RC2]

  • Exposing the cancel user action from the NFC OS action sheet which is returned as an error by CoreNFC APIs: NFCReaderError.readerSessionInvalidationErrorUserCanceled

1.0.0 RC1

Initial release with support for:

  • Reading OTPs (YubicoOTP and HOTP) from NFC enabled YubiKeys

  • Raw QR code scanning