Class AssertionExtensionInputs

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      • getExtensionIds

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getExtensionIds()
        Description copied from interface: ExtensionInputs
        Returns a Set of the extension IDs for which an extension input is present.
        Specified by:
        getExtensionIds in interface ExtensionInputs
      • getAppid

        public java.util.Optional<AppId> getAppid()
        The input to the FIDO AppID Extension (appid).

        This extension allows WebAuthn Relying Parties that have previously registered a credential using the legacy FIDO JavaScript APIs to request an assertion. The FIDO APIs use an alternative identifier for Relying Parties called an AppID, and any credentials created using those APIs will be scoped to that identifier. Without this extension, they would need to be re-registered in order to be scoped to an RP ID.

        This extension does not allow FIDO-compatible credentials to be created. Thus, credentials created with WebAuthn are not backwards compatible with the FIDO JavaScript APIs.

        RelyingParty.startAssertion(StartAssertionOptions) sets this extension input automatically if the RelyingParty.RelyingPartyBuilder.appId(Optional) parameter is given when constructing the RelyingParty instance.

        See Also:
        §10.1. FIDO AppID Extension (appid)
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