Class AttestationTrustSource.TrustRootsResult

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    public static final class AttestationTrustSource.TrustRootsResult
    extends java.lang.Object
    A result of looking up attestation trust roots for a particular attestation statement.

    This primarily consists of a set of trust root certificates - see trustRoots(Set) - but may also:

    • Method Detail

      • getCertStore

        public java.util.Optional<> getCertStore()
        A CertStore of additional CRLs and/or intermediate certificates to use during certificate path validation, if any. This will not be used if trustRoots is empty.

        Any certificates included in this CertStore are NOT considered trusted; they will be trusted only if they chain to any of the trustRoots.

        The default is null.

      • getPolicyTreeValidator

        public java.util.Optional<java.util.function.Predicate<>> getPolicyTreeValidator()
        If non-null, the PolicyQualifiersRejected flag will be set to false during certificate path validation. See PKIXParameters.setPolicyQualifiersRejected(boolean).

        The given Predicate will be used to validate the policy tree. The Predicate should return true if the policy tree is acceptable, and false otherwise.

        Depending on your "PKIX" JCA provider configuration, this may be required if any certificate in the certificate path contains a certificate policies extension marked critical. If this is not set, then such a certificate will be rejected by the certificate path validator from the default provider.

        Consult the Java PKI Programmer's Guide for how to use the PolicyNode argument of the Predicate.

        The default is null.

      • getTrustRoots

        public @NonNull java.util.Set<> getTrustRoots()
        A set of attestation root certificates trusted to certify the relevant attestation statement. If the attestation statement is not trusted, or if no trust roots were found, this should be an empty set.
      • isEnableRevocationChecking

        public boolean isEnableRevocationChecking()
        Whether certificate revocation should be checked during certificate path validation.
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