U2F for Wordpress

This project is deprecated and is no longer being maintained.

This plugin adds support for the two factor authentication standard U2F.

The functionality is similar to the U2F (Security Key) support available for Google accounts:

  • Users registers U2F devices themselves.

  • Users are not required to register devices.

  • A user can have multiple devices registered.

  • Currently, only Google Chrome is supported.


  1. Install the dependencies using Composer.

  2. Move the wordpress-u2f directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

  4. Go to SettingsU2F.

  5. Set App ID to the the base URL of your website, for example https://mysite.wordpress.com.

Managing devices

U2F devices can be added and removed from the profile screen (accessible by clicking on your name at the top of the screen).