YubiKey PIV Manager

Graphical application for configuring a PIV-enabled YubiKey.

This project is deprecated and is no longer being maintained. Use YubiKey Manager (GUI, CLI) to configure a YubiKey device.


The recommended way to install this software including dependencies is by using the provided precompiled binaries for your platform. For Windows and OS X (10.7 and above), there are installers available for download here. For Ubuntu we have a custom PPA with a package for it here.

Building from source (Linux)

  1. Install build dependencies:

  2. Build and install:

    • $ python setup.py qt_resources

    • $ sudo python setup.py install

  3. Install runtime dependencies:

Usage guides

For information and examples on what you can do with a PIV enabled YubiKey, see https://developers.yubico.com/PIV/

Known issues

Deleting certificates

Note that the dialog showed in PIV Manager when deleting a certificate currently states that the private key is being deleted as well. That is not the case, only the certificate is deleted. To make sure the private key is destroyed, it is recommended to generate a new private key in the same slot or to reset the PIV application.

Thanks to Max from Max Tech Labs for pointing this out.