Device Setup

The YubiKey PIV Manager provides a wizard for initializing an un-initialized YubiKey. This wizard assumes the default values for the PIN, PUK and Management Key are set, and may not work correctly if they have been modified. Some features of the YubiKey PIV Manager require that all management of the device be done using the YubiKey PIV Manager, so it is recommended that you not use other tools in combination with the YubiKey PIV Manager to manage your YubiKeys PIV configuration.


You will need to have the YubiKey PIV Manager and its dependencies installed, as well as a PIV-enabled YubiKey, with the default PIN, PUK and Management Key values set.

Device Initialization

A PIV-enabled YubiKey comes pre-programmed with the default values for the PIN, the PUK, and the Management Key. As these default values are known it is crucial that these be changed before any real use. The YubiKey PIV Manager will automatically show a Device Initialization dialog if it detects a YubiKey that uses the default Management Key. It will ask you to provide a PIN, Management Key, and optionally a PUK. For more details on the various options provided by this wizard, see PIN and Management Key.