Android application for OATH with YubiKeys

This app is hosted on Google Play as Yubico Authenticator.

See the file COPYING for copyright and license information.


This is an authenticator app compatible with the OATH standard for time and counter based numeric OTPs, as used by many online services. To store these credentials and generate the codes, it uses a compatible YubiKey, connected either via NFC or USB (requiresa USB On-the-go cable, or USB-C). The USB functionality requires your mobile device to support USB Host mode, and for CCID to be enabled on your YubiKey.

Add credentials by tapping the + action button near the bottom right, and selecting either to add a credential by scanning a QR code, or by entering a Base32 encoded secret manually.

Once credentials have been added, simply tap or connect your YubiKey to display codes.


This app is developed in Android Studio, using gradle for building. To build the APK from the command line, run:

./gradlew assemble

Once done the .apk file can be found in the app/build/outputs/apk/ directory.


Please report app issues in the issue tracker on GitHub.