Android application for OATH with YubiKey NEO

This app is hosted on Google Play as Yubico Authenticator.

It is also available from F-Droid.

See the file COPYING for copyright and license information.


This is a small android application for doing OATH codes with the help of a YubiKey NEO. To use it when you have an OATH QR-code:

  1. Make sure NFC is turned on

  2. Start the application

  3. Select Scan new QR-code from the actions menu.

  4. The barcode scanner will start if installed, otherwise offer to install

  5. Scan the barcode and select which slot to program

  6. Swipe the YubiKey NEO as instructed

To view codes, just start the app and swipe your YubiKey NEO.


This project uses gradle for building, so to build:

$ ./gradlew assemble

After building the .apk file can be found in the app/build/outputs/apk/ directory.


Please report any issues/feature-suggestions in the issue tracker on GitHub.