YubiX VM

This project is deprecated and is no longer being maintained.

Creates a virtual machine with YubiX installed, ready for distribution.


VM images are created by using vmbuilder under Ubuntu. You will need a Ubuntu installation with the python-vm-builder package installed.


To create the virtual machine image, run build-vm.sh as root.


To run the tests, run the /root/test/run-tests.sh script as the root user on the virtual machine.

Race condition in vmbuilder

There is a known issue in vmbuilder which sometimes fails the build, printing an error: "/dev/mapper/loop0p1 does not exist". To fix this you will need to make a modification int the following file: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/VMBuilder/disk.py (location may vary). Find the map_partitions method and change the following row:

kpartx_output = run_cmd('kpartx', '-av', self.filename)

to the following (note the added s in the arguments):

kpartx_output = run_cmd('kpartx', '-sav', self.filename)

Now, the build should succeed.