Getting Started with Android

Native support for WebAuthn and FIDO is finally here for Android. Yubico provides a comprehensive library for developers to interact with YubiKeys from their Android applications.

If you run into any issues during the development process, please fill out a developer support ticket and our team will be happy to assist you.

Yubico Android SDK

The Yubico Android SDK (YubiKit for Android) is a library provided by Yubico to interact with YubiKeys. The library supports NFC-enabled and USB YubiKeys.

YubiKit is multi-module library with the following components:

YubiKit - Provides functionality to detect YubiKey plugged in or tapped over NFC

OATH - Allows applications,such as an authenticator app, to store OATH TOTP and HOTP secrets on a YubiKey, and to retrieve one-time passwords

OTP - Provides classes to obtain Yubikey OTP

FIDO2 - Supports a subset of FIDO2

PIV - Provides implementation of Personal Identity Verification (PIV)

MGMT - Provides subset of API for personal customization of YubiKey and HMAC-SHA1 challenge-response

All YubiKit modules has javadoc and sources deployed with the library archive. Use this documentation for a more detailed explanation of all the methods, properties and parameters from the API.

This library also comes with a Kotlin demo application Yubikit Demo App.