Class AuthenticatorData

  • public final class AuthenticatorData
    extends java.lang.Object
    The authenticator data structure is a byte array of 37 bytes or more. This class presents the authenticator data decoded as a high-level object.

    The authenticator data structure encodes contextual bindings made by the authenticator. These bindings are controlled by the authenticator itself, and derive their trust from the WebAuthn Relying Party's assessment of the security properties of the authenticator. In one extreme case, the authenticator may be embedded in the client, and its bindings may be no more trustworthy than the client data. At the other extreme, the authenticator may be a discrete entity with high-security hardware and software, connected to the client over a secure channel. In both cases, the Relying Party receives the authenticator data in the same format, and uses its knowledge of the authenticator to make trust decisions.

    See Also:
    §6.1. Authenticator Data
    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthenticatorData

        public AuthenticatorData​(@NonNull
                                 @NonNull ByteArray bytes)
        Decode an AuthenticatorData object from a raw authenticator data byte array.
    • Method Detail

      • getRpIdHash

        public ByteArray getRpIdHash()
        The SHA-256 hash of the RP ID the credential is scoped to.
      • getSignatureCounter

        public long getSignatureCounter()
        The 32-bit unsigned signature counter.
      • getExtensions

        public java.util.Optional<com.upokecenter.cbor.CBORObject> getExtensions()
        Extension-defined authenticator data, if present.

        This member is present if and only if the AuthenticatorDataFlags.ED flag is set.

        Changes to the returned value are not reflected in the AuthenticatorData object.

        See Also:
      • getBytes

        public @NonNull ByteArray getBytes()
        The original raw byte array that this object is decoded from. This is a byte array of 37 bytes or more.
        See Also:
        §6.1. Authenticator Data
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        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)
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      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
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