Question: My device, iOS version, and YubiKey support WebAuthn(FIDO2) but the key is not responding to my touch.

Answer: If you are trying to register a key for the first time with a service, you may have encountered one of the Known Issues that we are working with Apple on resolving. Table 1 in Security Key Compatibility shows that nearly all FIDO2/WebAuthn Authentication flows will work. Workaround: Register the YubiKey with a service on a supported desktop browser. All subsequent authentication can be done using the same key via Safari mobile browser.

Question: Will the Yubico SDK for iOS support YubiKeys over the “Apple Camera Connection Kit” for WebAuthn flow in a native app?

Answer: The supported YubiKeys for native apps using the Yubico iOS SDK are:

  • YubiKey 5Ci for iPhones/iPads with Lightning connector,

  • YubiKey 5 & 5C NFC for iPhones (7 and higher with NFC support), and the

  • Security Key NFC by Yubico for NFC-enabled iPhones.

There is no YubiKey support for the iPad Pro with USB-C connector when using a native app.

If your native app incorporates the SFSafariViewController or SFSafariViewController for U2F/WebAuthn flow, the compatible YubiKeys connected via the Apple Camera Connection Kit will work the same as they do with the Safari browser for iOS 13.3+ users.

Question: What value does the Yubico SDK for iOS provide?

Answer: The Yubico SDK for iOS supports ALL FIDO2 YubiKey functionality not available via Safari. It enables complete control over every aspect of the WebAuthn/U2F registration/authentication flow. The SDK provides libraries to interact with YubiKey authentication modules such as Challenge-Response, TOTP/HOTP (via OATH), PIV, and PGP.

Question: Can I just use WKWebView inside my app for WebAuthn flow?

Answer: Apple does not support FIDO2 security keys for the WebAuthn flow using the WKWebView. You will need to rely on Safari browser, or embed the SFSafariViewController or ASWebAuthenticationSession into a native app.

Question: What are my options for supporting FIDO2 security keys on iOS/iPadOS versions prior to 13.3?

Answer: To support FIDO2 keys on iOS/iPadOS devices running versions prior to 13.3, you can direct your user to the Brave Browser for iOS/iPadOS or build an app store app with the Yubico Mobile iOS SDK integrated.

Question: What Apple devices support the NFC for WebAuthn flow via Safari browser?

Answer: All iPhones 7 and newer support the NFC protocol for the WebAuthn flow.


The iPhone 6 and iPhone SE have NFC but with limited capabilities used for Apple Pay, thus cannot be used for authentication flows.


iPads do not have NFC capabilities.