The point of this document is to describe all steps required to make a proper release of the libu2f-server project.


  • Make sure your working environment is up to date. Confirm with: git checkout master && git pull && git diff.

  • Make sure the version number in has been incremented in AC_INIT.

  • Make sure the libtool shared library version has been incremented properly, see Always increment LT_REVISION on every release — it makes it possible to have multiple releases installed concurrently which helps testing.

  • Make sure NEWS describes all changes since the last release. Use to review. Running make distcheck will also produce a Changelog file.

  • Change the (unreleased) part in NEWS to (released 20XX-YY-ZZ) and commit that with a note Version Q.P.

  • Run make release.

  • Increment version number in and add a NEWS template for the next release.