There are several ways to build the project:

1) With ant, using JCKit.

2) With Eclipse and eclipse-jcde, using JCKit.

3) Using proprietary NXP Java Card tools.

We usually suggest using Ant.

Installing JCKit

Unpack it into a new directory called for example "jckit" folder:

mkdir jckit
cd jckit
unzip /path/to/
cd java_card_kit-2_2_2/

Installing JCardSim

This is needed for ant test to work.

The SHA256 checksum on the file we have successfully used is: 33c167e9bf989c3fca692f8053b8032280a1cbca79df818e131c486dd174746a


The project can now be built by invoking ant, supplying the path to JCKit. For example:

ant -DJAVACARD_HOME=/path/to/jckit/java_card_kit-2_2_2/

The cap file for loading on card will be at:


Eclipe and eclipse-jcde

First install Eclipse following instructions on:

On Debian/Ubuntu systems Eclipse is packaged and can be installed from the command line:

apt-get install eclipse

Start Eclipse once to make sure it creates a $HOME/.eclipse/ directory. Then quit Eclipse.

Download the file from:

and unpack it like this:

cd ~/.eclipse/*/
unzip /path/to/

The path to unpack the file into depends on your Eclipse installation, on my Debien Wheezy system the directory was called ~/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.8_155965261/

Start Eclipse again and confirm that you have a new top-level menu called "Java Card". Then in Eclipse select the "Preferences" menu under "Java Card" and point the "Java Card Home" directory to /path/to/jckit/java_card_kit-2_2_2 replacing /path/to as appropriate.

After that the project can be imported into the workspace. Right-click in the "Project Explorer" window and select "Import". Under "General" select "Existing Projects into Workspace". As the root directory point the directory holding this file. You need to select "Copy projects into workspace".

To build the .cap file, expand and right click on the "openpgpcard" sub-directory and select "Java Card Tools" and then "Convert". The CAP file will be available in your Eclipse workspace as:



To run the tests jcardsim is required. The jar can be fetched from and should be put into the test/lib directory.