YubiKey Logon for Windows

This project is deprecated and is no longer being maintained.

This is software for doing local logon with YubiKey in challenge-response mode on Windows 7.

The folder yubiprovider contains a simple credential provider and a subauthentication module where all the real work happens.

The folder YubiSettings contains a c# application for setting up authentication for a user.

The folder msi contains WiX templates for building msi for Win32 and x64 and a XML file for building a dotNetInstaller bootstrap package.


To do a complete build of this software you will need:

  • Visual C++ Express 2010

  • Visual C# Express 2010

  • Windows SDK version 7.1

  • Windows Installer XML toolset (WiX)

  • DotNetInstaller

    1. Build the software for both Win32 and x64 (both c++ and c#).

    2. Go to the MSI folder and execute:

      • candle YubiKeyLogon.wxs

      • light YubiKeyLogon.wixobj

      • candle YubiKeyLogon-x64.wxs

      • light YubiKeyLogon-x64.wixobj

    3. Start the InstallerEditor from dotNetInstaller and open bootstrap.xml.

    4. Make sure the msi installers for YubiKeyLogon points at the msi files created in step 2.

    5. Do create EXE from the menu.

      • select the dotNetInstaller.exe for Template

      • select the msi/yubico.bmp for Banner

      • select bootstrap.manifest for Manifest