Maintainer instructions for making releases


The point of this document is to describe all steps required to make a proper release of the yubikey-personalization project.


Making a release requires the following packages:

make, git, gnupg, git2cl

which can be installed (under Ubuntu) by running:

sudo apt-get install make git gnupg git2cl


  • Make sure the doc/ sub-directory uses the latest revision. Confirm with: cd doc && git checkout master && git pull && git diff

  • Make sure the version number in Makefile has been incremented.

  • Make sure NEWS describes all changes since the last release. Use to review.

  • Change the (unreleased) part in NEWS to (released 20XX-YY-ZZ) and commit that with a note Version Q.P.

  • Run make release.

  • Increment version number in Makefile and add a NEWS template for the next release.