Custom Account Icons

Yubico Authenticator supports adding a custom icon pack to use for your OATH (TOTP/HOTP) accounts, making the list a bit easier to navigate. Icon packs must be in the Aegis Icon Pack format. You can use one of the existing pre-built packages from or, or you can create your own.

Installing an icon pack

Once you have an icon pack on your computer or Android device and wish to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Yubico Authenticator app and insert or tap your OATH-enabled YubiKey.

  2. Make sure the Authenticator section is chosen, where you can see your list of accounts.

  3. Press the Configure YubiKey button, and select Custom icons from the menu.

  4. Press the Load icon pack button, select the icon pack zip-file, and wait for it to load.

Once done, any account that has an issuer that is supported by the icon pack will display the custom icon instead of the standard colored circle with a letter. You can also use the Custom icons dialog to replace the icon pack, or to remove it.