Get device metadata.


Gets device version, device serial, supported Algorithms and available log entries.

Shell Example

Fetch device info for currently connected device:

yubihsm> get deviceinfo
Version number:         2.0.0
Serial number:          2000000
Log used:               2/62
Supported algorithms:   rsa-pkcs1-sha1, rsa-pkcs1-sha256, rsa-pkcs1-sha384,
                        rsa-pkcs1-sha512, rsa-pss-sha1, rsa-pss-sha256,
                        rsa-pss-sha384, rsa-pss-sha512, rsa2048,
                        rsa3072, rsa4096, ecp256,
                        ecp384, ecp521, eck256,
                        ecbp256, ecbp384, ecbp512,
                        hmac-sha1, hmac-sha256, hmac-sha384,
                        hmac-sha512, ecdsa-sha1, ecdh,
                        rsa-oaep-sha1, rsa-oaep-sha256, rsa-oaep-sha384,
                        rsa-oaep-sha512, aes128-ccm-wrap, opaque-data,
                        opaque-x509-certificate, mgf1-sha1, mgf1-sha256,
                        mgf1-sha384, mgf1-sha512, template-ssh,
                        aes128-yubico-otp, aes128-yubico-authentication, aes192-yubico-otp,
                        aes256-yubico-otp, aes192-ccm-wrap, aes256-ccm-wrap,
                        ecdsa-sha256, ecdsa-sha384, ecdsa-sha512,
                        ed25519, ecp224,

Protocol Details


Tc = 0x06

Lc = 0

Vc = Ø


Tr = 0x86

Lr = 9 + algorithms

Vr = VMajor || VMinor || VBuild || S || Ltotal || Lused || A

VMajor := Major version number (1 byte)

VMinor := Minor version number (1 byte)

VBuild := Build version number (1 byte)

S := Serial number (4 bytes)

Ltotal := Log Store size expressed in number of log entries (1 byte)

Lused := Log lines used (1 byte)

A := List of supported Algorithms