Get an Object in encrypted form.


Retrieves an Object under wrap from the device. The Object is encrypted using AES-CCM with a 16 bytes MAC and a 13 bytes nonce.

Shell Example

Fetch the Asymmetric Key 0x997e encrypted with Wrap Key 0xcf94 and store the result in the file key.enc:

yubihsm> get wrapped 0 0xcf94 asymmetric 0x997e key.enc

Protocol Details


Tc = 0x4a

Lc = 2 + 1 + 2

Vc = Iw || T || Io

Iw := Object ID of Wrap Key to use (2 bytes)

T := Type of Object to wrap (1 byte)

Io := Object ID of Object to wrap (2 bytes)


Tr = 0xca

Lr = 13 + LR

Vr = N || R

N := Nonce used for this wrap (13 bytes)

R := Wrapped data (Length dependent on object)