Object ID

The ID property is used to identify an Object of a given Type. This means that to uniquely identify an Object stored on a YubiHSM 2, the couple (Type, ID) is required. There can be more than one Object with a given ID and more than one Object with a given Type, but only one Object with a specific ID and Type. This is so that logical connections between Objects can be established by giving a set of connected Objects of different Types the same ID.

An Object ID can have values in the range [0-65535] or [0x0000-0xffff] in hexadecimal. Note that this range is larger than the maximum number of Objects that can be stored in the device (256). Regardless of the type, ID 0x0000 and 0xffff are reserved for internal Objects.

Protocol Details

Object IDs are encoded as 16-bit values.