Installing CAP file on YubiKey NEO

After building the CAP file you can install it on a NEO. You need to have a NEO with default card manager keys, or know the card manager keys.

Enable CCID mode on the NEO

First make sure the YubiKey NEO is in the HID/CCID or CCID mode. You may use the YubiKey NEO Manager GUI:

If you prefer command line tools, you may use the ykpers and ykneomgr tools depending on which mode the YubiKey NEO is in. See:

Refer to the documentation of these projects on how to mode switch the YubiKey NEO.

Installing CAP file to NEO

Install the gpshell tool from Global Platform:

We have tested the combination of GlobalPlatform Library version 6.0.0, GPShell version 1.4.4, and gppcscconnectionplugin version 1.1.0.

You need to whitelist the device in /etc/libccid_Info.plist which happens automatically if you have a recent libccid.

WARNING! When you load a new CAP file, everything on the device for that app is erased. Keep a backup of your credentials.

When the CAP file has been built and is available in the default path, you may use the gpshell tool to load it:

gpshell gpinstall.txt

You can modify the gpinstall.txt file if you have other card manager keys.

That’s it!