This is a set of instructions that will allow you to reset your ykneo-oath applet.


For this prodedure to work you must have the YubiKey Neo in a ccid mode where you can send APDUs to it.

Reset the applet

Here we will use the command-line tool to first select the applet and then send a reset APDU. The reset is instruction 0x04, p1 0xde and p2 0xad.

with opensc-tool:

opensc-tool -s 00a4040008a000000527210101 -s 0004dead

Or with ykneomgr:

ykneomgr -S 00a4040008a000000527210101 -S 0004dead

After this, close the connection, remove the card and reinsert it again. The applet should be reset.