YubiHSM Library

The YubiHSM C Library libyubihsm is a native library to interact with a YubiHSM 2 device.

Two main sets of functions are exposed. Functions prefixed with only yh_ are low-level functions (e.g., send byte array to the device) that perform a simple single action and can be used to build more advanced functionalities. Functions prefixed with yh_util_ are higher-level function that perform multiple actions together (e.g. sign the content of a buffer with a specific padding scheme).


The library is annotated with Doxygen comments and a Doxyfile is provided. To build the library simply run

$ cd lib

and open the doxygen/html/index.html file with your preferred browser.

A pre-built version of the documentation is available here.


Code examples of how to use the library are available in the examples directory.