YubiKit Management Module

This module provides general YubiKey management functionality such as enabling or disabling applications and transports.


To add the Management module, along with the Android module as a dependencies to your project, add the following to your gradle configuration:

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.yubico.yubikit:android:(insert version here)'
  implementation 'com.yubico.yubikit:management:(insert version here)'

This module depends on the core module, which will automatically be added as a transitive dependency to your project.

Communication with the Management Application

To communicate with the Management application on a YubiKey, use the ManagementSession class. The class provides constructors for all types of YubiKeyConnections, as well as a factory method which takes a YubiKeyDevice and will use the best suited connection type available:

ManagementSession.create(device, result -> {
  try {
    ManagementSession management = result.getValue();

    // Get the YubiKey serial number:
    DeviceInfo info = management.getDeviceInfo();
    int serialNumber = info.getSerial();

    // Toggle the OTP capability over NFC:
    int capabilities = info.getConfig().getEnabledCapabilities(Transport.NFC);
    capabilities ^= Capability.OTP;
      new DeviceConfig.Builder()
        .enabledCapabilities(Transport.NFC, capabilities)
  } catch (...) {
    // handle errors