YubiKit PIV Module

This module provides an implementation of the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) interface specified in the NIST SP 800-73 document Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes for PIV. This standard specifies how to perform RSA or ECC sign/decrypt operations using a private key stored on the YubiKey.


To add the PIV module, along with the Android module as a dependencies to your project, add the following to your gradle configuration:

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.yubico.yubikit:android:(insert version here)'
  implementation 'com.yubico.yubikit:piv:(insert version here)'

This module depends on the core module, which will automatically be added as a transitive dependency to your project.

Communication with the PIV Application

To communicate with the PIV application on a YubiKey, use the PivSession class. You will need a SmartCardConnection to a YubiKey:

PivSession piv = new PivSession(smartCardConnection);
// Verify the PIN:

// Sign a message using a private key on the YubiKey:
byte[] signature = piv.sign(

YubiKey PIV JCA Provider

Since YubiKit 2.1.0 the PIV module functionality can be accessed through the Java cryptography architecture interfaces. To learn more refer to the YubiKit PIV JCA guide

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