FIDO_CBOR_INFO_NEW(3) Library Functions Manual FIDO_CBOR_INFO_NEW(3)

fido_cbor_info_new, fido_cbor_info_free, fido_dev_get_cbor_info, fido_cbor_info_aaguid_ptr, fido_cbor_info_extensions_ptr, fido_cbor_info_protocols_ptr, fido_cbor_info_transports_ptr, fido_cbor_info_versions_ptr, fido_cbor_info_options_name_ptr, fido_cbor_info_options_value_ptr, fido_cbor_info_algorithm_type, fido_cbor_info_algorithm_cose, fido_cbor_info_algorithm_count, fido_cbor_info_aaguid_len, fido_cbor_info_extensions_len, fido_cbor_info_protocols_len, fido_cbor_info_transports_len, fido_cbor_info_versions_len, fido_cbor_info_options_len, fido_cbor_info_maxmsgsiz, fido_cbor_info_maxcredbloblen, fido_cbor_info_maxcredcntlst, fido_cbor_info_maxcredidlen, fido_cbor_info_maxlargeblob, fido_cbor_info_fwversion

#include <fido.h>
fido_cbor_info_t *
fido_cbor_info_free(fido_cbor_info_t **ci_p);
fido_dev_get_cbor_info(fido_dev_t *dev, fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
const unsigned char *
fido_cbor_info_aaguid_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
char **
fido_cbor_info_extensions_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
const uint8_t *
fido_cbor_info_protocols_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
char **
fido_cbor_info_transports_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
char **
fido_cbor_info_versions_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
char **
fido_cbor_info_options_name_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
const bool *
fido_cbor_info_options_value_ptr(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
const char *
fido_cbor_info_algorithm_type(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci, size_t idx);
fido_cbor_info_algorithm_cose(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci, size_t idx);
fido_cbor_info_algorithm_count(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_aaguid_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_extensions_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_protocols_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_transports_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_versions_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_options_len(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_maxmsgsiz(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_maxcredbloblen(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_maxcredcntlst(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_maxcredidlen(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_maxlargeblob(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);
fido_cbor_info_fwversion(const fido_cbor_info_t *ci);

The fido_cbor_info_new() function returns a pointer to a newly allocated, empty fido_cbor_info_t type. If memory cannot be allocated, NULL is returned.
The fido_cbor_info_free() function releases the memory backing *ci_p, where *ci_p must have been previously allocated by fido_cbor_info_new(). On return, *ci_p is set to NULL. Either ci_p or *ci_p may be NULL, in which case fido_cbor_info_free() is a NOP.
The fido_dev_get_cbor_info() function transmits a CTAP_CBOR_GETINFO command to dev and fills ci with attributes retrieved from the command's response. The fido_dev_get_cbor_info() function may block.
The fido_cbor_info_aaguid_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_extensions_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_protocols_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_transports_ptr(), and fido_cbor_info_versions_ptr() functions return pointers to the authenticator attestation GUID, supported extensions, PIN protocol, transports, and CTAP version strings of ci. The corresponding length of a given attribute can be obtained by fido_cbor_info_aaguid_len(), fido_cbor_info_extensions_len(), fido_cbor_info_protocols_len(), fido_cbor_info_transports_len(), or fido_cbor_info_versions_len().
The fido_cbor_info_options_name_ptr() and fido_cbor_info_options_value_ptr() functions return pointers to the array of option names and their respective values in ci. The length of the options array is returned by fido_cbor_info_options_len().
The fido_cbor_info_algorithm_count() function returns the number of supported algorithms in ci. The fido_cbor_info_algorithm_cose() function returns the COSE identifier of algorithm idx in ci, or 0 if the COSE identifier is unknown or unset. The fido_cbor_info_algorithm_type() function returns the type of algorithm idx in ci, or NULL if the type is unset. Please note that the first algorithm in ci has an idx (index) value of 0.
The fido_cbor_info_maxmsgsiz() function returns the maximum message size attribute of ci.
The fido_cbor_info_maxcredbloblen() function returns the maximum “credBlob” length in bytes supported by the authenticator as reported in ci.
The fido_cbor_info_maxcredcntlst() function returns the maximum supported number of credentials in a single credential ID list as reported in ci.
The fido_cbor_info_maxcredidlen() function returns the maximum supported length of a credential ID as reported in ci.
The fido_cbor_info_maxlargeblob() function returns the maximum length in bytes of an authenticator's serialized largeBlob array as reported in ci.
The fido_cbor_info_fwversion() function returns the firmware version attribute of ci.
A complete example of how to use these functions can be found in the example/info.c file shipped with libfido2.

The fido_cbor_info_aaguid_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_extensions_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_protocols_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_transports_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_versions_ptr(), fido_cbor_info_options_name_ptr(), and fido_cbor_info_options_value_ptr() functions return NULL if the respective field in ci is absent. If not NULL, returned pointers are guaranteed to exist until any API function that takes ci without the const qualifier is invoked.

April 22, 2022 Linux 5.17.4-200.fc35.x86_64