FIDO_CRED_EXCLUDE(3) Library Functions Manual FIDO_CRED_EXCLUDE(3)

fido_cred_exclude, fido_cred_empty_exclude_list
manage exclude lists in a FIDO2 credential

#include <fido.h>
fido_cred_exclude(fido_cred_t *cred, const unsigned char *ptr, size_t len);
fido_cred_empty_exclude_list(fido_cred_t *cred);

The fido_cred_exclude() function adds ptr to the list of credentials excluded by cred, where ptr points to a credential ID of len bytes. A copy of ptr is made, and no references to the passed pointer are kept. If fido_cred_exclude() fails, the existing list of excluded credentials is preserved.
If fido_cred_exclude returns success and cred is later passed to fido_dev_make_cred(3) on a device that contains the credential denoted by ptr, then fido_dev_make_cred(3) will fail.
For the format of a FIDO2 credential ID, please refer to the Web Authentication (webauthn) standard.
The fido_cred_empty_exclude_list() function empties the list of credentials excluded by cred.

The error codes returned by fido_cred_exclude() and fido_cred_empty_exclude_list() are defined in <fido/err.h>. On success, FIDO_OK is returned.

fido_cred_new(3), fido_cred_set_authdata(3), fido_dev_make_cred(3)
December 2, 2022 Linux 5.3.12-arch1-1